Icicles are a common and often beautiful sight during our Ontario winters.  But icicle issues and ice damming can spell big problems for your home or building.  Ice damming is a ridge of ice buildup on the edge of sloped roofs at the eaves.  This ice blocks drainage and can result in water from melting snow leaking into your home destroying insulation and drywall.  The ice can also be damaging to your eaves and roof.

There are many bandaid solutions for ice damming – ice and water shield to prevent water that has already leaked through your roof from penetrating the interior;  heat trace cables can keep the ice away at the cost of running a heater outside in the winter – but the actual cure is usually a combination of air sealing, insulating and attic ventilation.  Horizon Contracting is skilled and experienced at determining the cause of these issues and recommending and executing proper solutions.

Curing ice dams can save you huge headaches and expense from future interior water damage and eliminate the hazards of falling icicles.  As a bonus the improved insulation in your attic will save you money on heating and cooling costs!